Starting a Compost Bin

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With all the snow currently on the ground there is not a lot you can do in the garden right now, but one of the things you can get going on as soon as to can get out in the garden is to start a Compost Bin, you can buy a comercial product or build one yourself, You can often buy a bin though your local council at a great saving or build one out of scrap wood, I myself have built several very good bins using old builders pallets,

You can compost most Kitchen waste, but do not add meat or bread as these encorage vermin such as rats,also do not add diseased plants or perennial weed roots, but dead flowers, grass mowings and dead garden waste can all be turned into very good compost and inproving your garden soil, worms in your compost bin help the break down of material that is added and your bin is best in the sunny spot rather than shade as it helps the waste rot as the bin warms up faster

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