Feeding Garden Birds in Winter

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Dont forget the Garden Birds in the colder weather

Did you know that without garden birds that not a single plant would be growing?

Do you have birds flying around your garden?

Some are benefical and some are not: I may be of help on the topic of birds. Did you also realize that birds are an essential part of the plant-animal association becuae they consume insects. If there were no birds, not a single plant would be on the earth. Now some birds won't even enter a garden if they don't see a way to obtain either food or shelter or perhaps both. It is a good idea to protect birds and provide a bird house
or shelter for them to remain around your garden. When you see a lot of birds in your area, around your home, etc. you will know that there are fewer insects per acre than in an area where the birds are scarce.

The bird's ability to destroy insects continues throughout the year, as there are so many insects that come and go through the year. The grain eating birds such as the sparrow and the finches also will destroy many insects during the nesting season, and throughout the rest of the year will have a pure diet of seeds. So in this manner these birds will keep down weeds.

Please think about the good that birds do as it far outnumbers the bad that they do. Try to attract as many species of birds as possible and this does mean providing some food for the birds and the proper food at that. Sunflower seeds are very popular with many species of birds such as the Finches, Titmice, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers. Try to have feeding stations kept full and get them in place early.

A lot of birds will linger around if food is provided.

Birds like to nest in shrubbery and will distrust

the open lawn. Also, place those bird baths in shrubs or where cats can't get to the birds easily.

You can plant surrounding evergreen trees
near your garden that will help to attract birds, but the plants that offer food to them are the best and less expensive on your budget than having to supply most of the food for the birds to have them around to help you get rid of the insects in your garen.

I hope that you will gain much pleasure from sitting in your garden
on a favorite bench or just looking out your window at the beautiful birds that arrive and rid your garden of insects, letting you and your family have lots of nutritional food for your home.

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